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One API Platform for Managing All Your API Services

Developing and managing APIs can be cumbersome and be trodden with redundant work. Apigee, offered by Google Cloud, is a single API platform that enables the development and management of APIs. Learn more about how you can use Apigee to update your front-end and backend API compatibility to a modern ecosystem with safe exposure to outside developers.  

What is Apigee?

Apigee is an API gateway management tool offered by Google to exchange data across cloud services and applications. Apigee makes it easier to create developer-friendly APIs with modern REST interfaces and access keys.   

It consists of Apigee Services, including the APIs used to create, manage, and deploy API proxies, and Apigee Runtime, a set of containerized runtime services in a Kubernetes cluster that processes all API traffic. It leverages GCP services to harmoniously integrate IAM, logging, monitoring, analytics, and project management capabilities with itself.  

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Apigee lets you build APIs, expose them, and use management and visibility layers to control them. API proxies are also forthcoming, allowing uninterrupted backend integration with other services. Using policies to control API behavior, Apigee also abstracts unnecessary coding for managing security, rate-limiting, and maintenance.

Why should I use Apigee?

Few things in the world of development are more treasured than automation. Apigee enables automation of documentation creation and SDKs, including monetization services for exposing backend data to interested parties.  

Additionally, since many sites and services are delivered via RESTful APIs, Apigee is a useful tool for developing and managing your API gateways with a trusted source. It can bolster your communicability with data feeds from many services.  

These real-time actionable insights you can acquire from your Apigee-managed APIs can help you analyze traffic and pinpoint problem areas before they occur.  

Finally, applying organizational rules and security best practices across your business’ APIs without a single platform to do it with can make details get lost and can result in headaches for developers and operations teams. Apigee allows you to consistently do this across all your APIs.  

How does ISmile Technologies use Apigee?

As your company grows out of point-to-point integration and connectivity, Apigee can help you by connecting your apps and services with a fast, standardized, and simplified pattern, resulting in a better developer experience and faster time to market for apps and services.   

However, companies migrating to the cloud must remain diligent and be careful while shifting servers, systems, and applications away from on-prem. ISmile Technologies leverages Apigee to peel away services that are fundamental to a backend as the migration occurs, leaving less overall company downtime and integrating old services with new ones, all while leaving your company’s traditional backend intact.  


Apigee, Google Cloud’s API gateway management tool, can enable your company to benefit from uniform development procedures and management and ensure that your APIs can scale to growing business needs easily and with transparency. ISmile Technologies provides you with the skills required to successfully implement Apigee to your current full-stack solution so that you can leverage Cloud technology and increase velocity to your SLOs. For more information, Get Your Free Consultation

Cloud Engineer

Gabriel Chutuape

A technology enthusiast passionate about automation, Gabriel Chutuape is a Cloud Engineer at ISmile Technologies. He’s part of the ISmile Technologies Cloud enablement team that help customers to design/solution/project engineering, integrating and implementing infrastructure technologies & services.

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