Making VMware migrations to Google Cloud simpler than ever

Making VMware migrations to Google Cloud simpler than ever

VMware is Founded in 1998, a virtualization and cloud computingWith VMware server virtualization, a hypervisor is installed on the physical server to allow for multiple virtual machines to run on the same physical server. As networking All of the VMs on the same physical server share resources.Each VM can run its own operating system, allowing multiple OSes to run on  physical server.

VMware is partner with google and helps to enable VMware workloads to run on cloud platform with google cloud VMware 
engine .VMware Engine helps enterprises to easily migrate their workload to google cloud platform. Since then, it helps retailers, financial institutions, telcos, and other global customers move to Google Cloud to lower their total cost of ownership and modernize their applications with Google Cloud servicesTo help more VMware users ease their transition to the cloud there is a program which is called google cloud catalyst program  The Google Cloud Catalyst Program provides Google Cloud VMware Engine users financial flexibility and choice to accelerate your journey to Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Catalyst Program benefits include:

  • Financial flexibility: Eligible customers can now get one-time Google Cloud credits to help offset existing VMware license investments. This offer may be combined with other Google Cloud offers to reduce your overall cloud TCO. 
  • Choice: You are free to apply earned credits across any Google Cloud service, including Google Cloud VMware Engine 
  • Consumption-based: Moving to the cloud often expands the reach of enterprises resulting in the need for increased  cloud resources. We’ve designed this program to grow with your business. As you shift more of your business to the cloud, you earn additional credits which can be applied toward any future Google Cloud spend. 
Migration Manager 
Migration Manager 

Migration Manager will ensure that all the data, application is copied as-is and thus requires minimum changes making the overall process fast. There could be complexities if the architecture of application is very unique, however the process above should fit to most of generic use cases. 

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