Google Cloud APIs Storage, Compute and Networking

Google Cloud APIs: Storage, Compute and Networking

API is a programming software that enables two applications to communicate with each other. Communication is an important part for cloud functioning. Google Cloud APis enable you to manage various functions on cloud. Let’s have a look at the Google Cloud APIs involved in compute, storage and networking, the three most essential functions on cloud 

  1. Compute APIs 
  • App Engine Admin API- It helps in provisioning and managing app engine functions 
  • OS Login API- It helps provide access to compute engine instance by associating SSH keys with your google account 
  • OS Config API- It helps in managing OS patches, patch compliance and managing configurations on on VM instances on GCP 
  • Compute Engine API- It provides interface for users for interacting with resources like instances, disks, networks etc. It helps in running VMs on Google Cloud 
  • Kubernetes Engine API- This API helps in creating/updating and deleting clusters which run applications based on containers in Cloud  
  • Compute Engine Instance Group Updater API- The end point of this API is present at It helps in updating compute engine instances 
  1. Storage and database APIs 
  • Cloud Bigtable Admin API- It administers Cloud Bigtable instances, clusters and tables 
  • Cloud Bigtable Data API- The API end-point is at connects with NoSQL Big data and stores scemaless data to the scale of petabyte 
  • Datastore API- Connects with NoSQL database and provides scalable app storage 
  • Cloud Spanner API- It runs transactions in Cloud Spanner and manages Cloud Spanner Instances 
  • Cloud SQL Administration API- It configures and manages SQL instances on Cloud 
  • Cloud Storage API- It helps you in storing and retrieving immutable large data objects 
  • Storage Transfer API- It is tasked with transferring data from external storage to GCS bucket or between GCS bucket. 
  1. Networking APIs 
  • Cloud DNS API- It lets you have methods to manage DNS of your applications.
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