Chatbot Creation Steps

In this video, I am going to provide an outline of the steps that Ismile Technologies uses in creating chatbots for different industries and verticals. 

  • Determine the business purpose and identify the features the chatbot would require 
  • Assess and select a communication- The communication channel can be either mobile carrier channels like SSM and USSD or messaging apps 
  • Ensure that the channel provides an open API so that the bots can be embedded with programs 
  • Create the conversational user interface and the conversation architecture 
  • Design the dialog flows and craft the storyboards 
  • Create a blueprint of the integrations and design it 
  • Select the appropriate platform and the approach for chatbot development 
  • Implement the natural language processing abilities like sentiment analysis, tokenization, normalization, dependency parsing 
  • Implement dialog flow and natural language understanding like entities, intent and context 
  • Employ the algorithms to be used 
  • Train your model from huge sets of data collected from chat 
  • Test and Deploy  

If you want chatbots for any industry vertical, Ismile technologies can help you out. 

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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assessment Workshop
Register a Free Cloud ROI Assessment Workshop

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