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Top 10 DevOps Trends to Watch for in 2023

In the area of software development, many emerging technologies are making waves. There is a massive list of popular technologies, amongst which DevOps is continuously proving significant. Since its inception, the industry fraternity has recognized that DevOps has enormous potential and will undoubtedly revolutionize the development industry. The pandemic boosted it, and now it has been established as a fundamental development methodology. In a recent survey, it has been found that the DevOps industry could grow at a CAGR of 25% from 2020 to 2026, reaching a value of a whopping $ 22 billion. Thus, DevOps role in digital transformation will surely bring revolutionary changes in different industries.

1. Serverless Computing

Serverless computing has enormous potential and can quickly transform how IT companies operate. If you have already adopted the DevOps approach or are considering introducing it to your enterprise, serverless is the best option. With serverless computing in DevOps, teams can eliminate the risk and problems associated with pipeline management and focus on development and deployment. 

2. Low code application 

DevOps helps accelerate the overall lifespan of application development. Low-code platforms are excellent tools for spreading the benefits of agile and DevOps. Many organizations have already turned to low code for developing and deploying applications quickly with the help of the DevOps process. Low-code application development speeds up the development process without complications, which is why organizations shifting to a low-code platform offer enhanced productivity. 

3. AI-Driven 

Many experts believe that the future of DevOps is AI-driven. They believe that Artificial intelligence will replace the human mind as a tool for computing and analysis. This will revolutionize how teams develop, deliver, and manage applications because humans cannot handle the vast amount of data and computation required in everyday operations. To enhance its functionality, AI is mainly integrated with the software. DevOps teams are found to test, code, release, and monitor software more efficiently with the help of AI. AI implementation also helps teams to improve automation, identify and resolve issues, and boost collaboration amongst different teams. 

4. GitOps 

GitOps is known to be a code-based infrastructure and operational procedure. GitOps is an evolving version of ‘infra as code’ and DevOps best practices used for app development, version control, collaboration, and CI/CD tools. It’s a new & recent addition to DevOps workflow that helps teams to control & automate infrastructure. It has proven expertise in helping developer teams manage infrastructure and software deployment. 

5. Infrastructure as a Code 

Infrastructure as a Code (IAC) is slated to be one of the biggest trends in DevOps. This trend helps in managing & providing infrastructure via automation instead of a manual approach. IAC is a fundamental DevOps best practice to put on continuous monitoring & virtualization testing to the underlying code that guides the development & administering of your infrastructure. 

6. DevSecOps 

DevSecOps has security imposed between development & operations. It is a software development practice that mixes security elements in every stage of development until a developed solution is delivered successfully. DevSecOps evolved from DevOps, so it’s a general guess that the implementation of DevSecOps will gain momentum shortly. DevSecOps methodology mixes security into the CI/CD pipeline, enabling development teams to take care of the most urgent security concerns at DevOps speed. 

7. SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) 

Site reliability engineering is the next level of DevOps deployment. In the future DevOps trends, SRE is the strategy to enable high availability, dependability, and better-digitalized consumer experiences. The SRE also plays a vital role in fulfilling internal service-level goals and service-level agreements (SLAs) (SLOs). 

8. Observability 

Observability is going to be the top DevOps trend. It includes methodology and software tools that help Dev and Ops teams to log, gather, correlate, and analyze vast amounts of data from a distributed application to gain real-time insights. 

9. Multi-cloud environments 

DevOps and multi-cloud environments fulfill each other and share an identical relationship. Combined, they provide benefits and add value to one another while boosting productivity. However, many businesses with a well-established DevOps pipeline still need to have a multi-cloud arrangement. 

10. Chaos engineering 

Chaos engineering solves the complexity that DevOps has to deal with. Its integration with DevOps processes can help teams to build a solid application to support business requirements. Chaos engineering will be on top of the DevOps trends because it helps enterprise to mitigate security risks, give more profound insights into working applications, decrease maintenance costs, and empower teams to provide better CX. 

In the future, DevOps will develop further and positively impact the IT sector. New businesses are adopting DevOps technologies and methods as we speak. Above mentioned DevOps trends will help organizations to rush beyond automation and focus on high-quality deliverables. ISmile Technologies sees DevOps as a No-touch Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) driven software delivery approach. We believe it’s an approach that ensures a single integrated delivery function from requirements to production will provide higher business value to customers efficiently. Schedule your free assessment today. Schedule a free assessment today.

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