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Chat-bots – The new shows-topper for e-commerce Business

You are the owner of an e-commerce business. In order to perform the best, you have hired employees who keep count of the customers and super-brain enough to remember the customer’s purchase history. Well, Looks like you have promising sales!

What if the same employees could Target sell your products to the customer based on their purchase history?! And provides the best customer service? And reduces the bounce rate? Give the employee a raise, Please!

The employees don’t stop there! They give you 24/7 service, don’t take vacations, always in full energy, fast service providers, and last but not least, super cost-efficient!

Blessed is the business owner! Is that some kind of fantasy? Or It could be Artificial Intelligence
And The super-employee is a “Chat-bot”.


A Chatbot is a software Interface powered by AI, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing designed to generate responses to the users’ queries over the internet.

There are two-types of Chat-bots:
Rule-based chatbots
AI chatbots

Rule-based chatbots:
The rule-based chatbots work on the pre-written rules or responses to customer questions. These chatbots work on the if/else conditional statements also called the decision trees.

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AI bots:
AI bots are Machine learning-based and provide more real-time experience. They look for certain phrases that signify intent and pull from context, previous interactions, and other resources to offer appropriate responses. Plus, they learn from every exchange, so they become more effective at answering questions over time.

AI or not, chatbots prove to be the rain-maker of any e-commerce business.

Let’s have a look into the Benefits of using a chat-bot in your e-commerce business?

Why should you Hire Mx. Chat-bot?

  1. Chat-bots gets the attention of the customer on the landing page itself, which many websites struggle to do. Hence keeping the user engaged and interactive, and as a result, helps them to navigate to the right product thus saving a lot of time for both the customer and website.
  2. The customer has a real-time shopping experience, the bot suggests the right product, by taking in the customer’s requirements, specifications, and budget criteria. Thus working as a virtual sales-person.
  3. Drastically reduces the bouncing rates, as the bot analyses the data of the past purchases and customers and targets the right customer, and suggests them the right product, which will bring a firm hike in sales.
  4. 24/7 Support, the bots work all the time of the year, thus giving the customer easy accessibility.
  5. The super Saver. E-commerce bot saves a lot of money and time. A chatbot can save a lot of money by cutting the cost of hiring a customer support team to solve the customer’s query or you could simply pass only the complex services to the support team.
  6. Improves the team efficiency, The bots answers almost 60% of the customer’s frequently asked questions, thus reducing the work of the human team and enabling them to be more focused on the complex customer queries.
  7. The bot not only helps the customer but also the owner of the business by keeping the data of the product and purchase on track, by doing so updating you of the items you should re-stock.
  8. Overall, the bots are super-confidential and loyal workers to whom you could entrust your company’s sales.
  9. The cherry on top, They are customizable. The business owner can customize the chatbots to match your site and make the customer feel more at ease, Just give your chatbot a name and a personality!

Final Verdict:

The only thing that doesn’t change in the e-commerce business is the change itself! So, update your site to match the latest trends and market.

Plus, why not? The change is super-profitable, efficient, and productive.

My money is on the chat-bots!

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