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Required CCOE Skills and Experience

CCOE skills

The formation of the CCOE team must be done by properly assessing the skills sets of every member selected for the team. 

Below, I have detailed the specific skill sets and experience required. This can be used as the criterion for the selection of the CCOE team. 

CCOE Leader

Key Experiences 

  • Experience deploying and operating services on a public cloud framework 
  • Familiar with service designing and pricing in the context of cloud-based solutions
  • Experience with working on cross-function initiatives requiring collaboration among business and technology stakeholders
  • Involved in deploying change leadership/management initiatives to realign how business works
  • Experience with technical and security architecture, database architecture, virtualization, software design, software development, IP networking, Linux, Agile development, SCRUM, application life cycle management, .NET, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Pig/Hive, technical solution architecture, SOA, Windows Azure, Amazon AWS.

Technical Skills 
Application architecture, automation, and orchestration, governance, DevOps methodologies, Integration architecture, Outsourcing/External Hosting, Information Security 

Non-Technical skills 
Critical Thinking, Domain Expertise, Change leadership, Communication and Collaboration, Vendor management skills, Leadership skills 

CCOE Security Architect

Key Experiences 

  • Experience supporting security incident response activities (including detection, analysis, containment, response, and prevention procedures) 
  • Expertise in application, infrastructure, and network security, along with penetration testing 
  • Experience with integrating security requirements best practices into workflows and services for teams throughout the organization. 
  • Expertise in scripting automation using Python & Bash. 
  • Experience designing secure architectures per relevant regulatory controls (PCI-DSS, SOC 2, ISO-27001/2, etc.)

Technical Skills 
Security and Cost Governance, translating technical requirements, Object-Oriented design, Network administration, Security Configuration 

Non-Technical skills 
Learning agility, Teamwork, Relationship management, Influence, Creativity 

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Cloud Engineer

Key Experiences 

  • Experience in estimating usage costs and identifying operational cost control mechanisms 
  • Expertise in continuous integration and distribution pipelines to deploy applications 
  • Experience with testing and debugging code modules 
  • Experience with migrating applications to cloud provider networks 
  • Experience with security response, monitoring, and auditing 
  • Creating and testing a disaster recovery plan 

Technical Skills 
Quality Assurance, Automation, Information Security, DevOps methodologies, Database management, Security/Code Testing 

Non-Technical skills 
Leadership, Strategic Planning, Creative problem solving, Customer Centricity, Collaboration and Innovation.

Network Engineer

Technical Skills 
Networking and Routing, Automation, network architecture, network security management, network security configuration, Virtualization, Analytics skills, etc 

Non-Technical skills 
Collaboration and communication, Strategic planning, Auditing, and Monitoring, etc 

IT Financial Manager

Key Experiences 

  • Experience ininventory costing, infrastructure auditing
  • Experience of costing in the cloud ecosystem
  • Experience in setting budgets for digital transformation projects

Technical Skills 
Inventory costing, architecture, Vendor negotiation skills, etc 

Non-Technical skills 
Critical thinking, Leadership, Collaboration, Reporting, mathematical skills, supervisory skills, etc 

There may be many more skillset screening and criteria setting as per the members you include in the team. Apart from cross-functiona
l cloud skills, one needs to ensure that domain expertise is screened properly while selecting the CCOE team members.

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