Azure Monitor integration with Zenoss

Azure Monitor integration with Zenoss

Azure Monitor can further monitor and alert Standard and advanced Azure services and integrate them with Zenoss for event management. It has the below-mentioned monitoring capabilities  

  • Built-in monitoring support  
  • Alert rules to get notified  
  • Out-of-the-box metrics and logs  
  • APIs for 3rd party integration  
  • Enables advanced monitoring and analytics experiences  

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Azure Monitor will make an API call through Azure functions and send over HTTP trigger to WS02, and WS02 creates events in Zenoss against the Azure service that must be monitored and alerted.  

Transforms in Zenoss would be applied for the enrichment of the events for respective Azure Service CI’s  

Integration Workflow 


A way of monitoring over task and running your business with efficiency, you need Azure monitor integration with Zenoss for that. It is an intelligent AI technology that works to create a smooth integration workflow within an organization.  

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