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3 Stages of Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation gives organizations the abilities to adapt to the latest technology and to better anticipate and respond to market needs. Recently, business agility has become essential to every facet of an organization. For example, companies with brick-and-mortar locations that were unable to deliver goods to their customers tanked while online commerce thrived. Of course, most organizations have had their employees continue working from their homes which is only possible due to their efforts toward complete Cloud Transformation prior to the circumstances. Surely, such drastic impacts on the world as a whole should serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of agility and flexibility moving forward.    

Many organizations that decide to pursue Cloud Transformation believe that it is a simple task when actually, it is much more than simply transitioning a data infrastructure into a SaaS platform such as Microsoft Azure. Cloud Transformation starts by reinventing organizational processes and rewriting applications to make them suitable for the Cloud. Since organizations tend to operate on legacy systems before their transition, IT specialists need to evaluate the infrastructure’s maturity and prepare its data before conducting that transformation. There are three main stages of cloud transformation that, when finished, will result in complete Cloud Transformation Maturity. 

  1. Application Transformation 

An Application Transformation can entail a few different options. Of course, for more basic needs with a one-size-fits-all scalability, organizations can opt for a SaaS platform. These platforms like AWS, Google Workspace, or Microsoft Azure conveniently charge subscription pricing, where organizations pay only for what they use, instead of pricy software licensing. SaaS platforms tend to take responsibility over the maintenance and security of all its clients’ data. By eliminating the need for an internal team for maintenance and purchasing excess storage, organizations save loads in the long run.  

For more complex needs, organizations will want to conduct a complete transformation which has far more benefits down the line. There are three ways in which to transform applications: Lift and Shift, Partial Refactoring, and Refactoring. A Lift and Shift is hassle free in which an organization’s pre-existing system has already reached Cloud Transformation Maturity and all there is left to do is upload it to the cloud. This circumstance is seldom. The process of a Partial Refactoring entails that only some elements are moved to the cloud while others temporarily remain in the organization’s on-site data center before it is determined whether or not they are necessary to keep. Lastly, in a complete Refactoring, all applications are rewritten to be compatible with the Cloud.  

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  1. Network Transformation 

Old networks rely on a VPN to connect users to internal resources; this process takes time and usually is not very reliable. By moving network components to the cloud, users can connect much faster using an internet connection and avoid being bogged down by connection issues. Additionally, Software-defined networking (SDN) allows for easier trouble shooting and also gives administrators the ability to adjust traffic flow according to its needs. This comes in handy from a security perspective in which administrators can monitor traffic flow in the event of a threat.  

  1. Security Transformation 

Just because data is transferred to the cloud does not mean that it is no longer at risk of being stolen. This is why security procedures must also be transformed along with the rest of the system. For example, data encryption is an effective way to ensure the security of data during migration. A Zero-Trust strategy is also a great defense and offense against potential threats.  

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