Our Database Managed Services

Ismile database managed services include 

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Response 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • Security patching 
  • Event and alert management 
  • Database framework management 
  • Enterprise data management 
  • Multi-cloud deployment and management 
  • Database Migration and Upgrades 
  • Operation and helpdesk support 
  • Ticket management 
  • Functional and Non-functional testing 
  • Product lifecycle management 
  • Remote workplace setup and management 

And many more. 

Ismile is a preferred choice because we have dedicated technical account managers with 24*7 monitoring and maintenance of your infrastructure. We optimize your cloud costs, ensure migration of database and services to other platforms or cloud is hassle free. 


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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assessment Workshop

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Register a Free Cloud ROI Assessment Workshop
Register a Free Cloud ROI Assessment Workshop

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