aws migration services

AWS Migration Services

iSmile Technologies AWS migration services provides the most comprehensive, efficient, and secured global cloud infrastructure. 

Many enterprise businesses still operate their apps from datacenters. However, when these businesses decide to shift from data centres to cloud infrastructure, we are here to help them with AWS cloud migration by providing a seamless transfer with a variety of services. 

As an AWS migration partner, iSmile Technologies strives to offer innovation through an Agile Cloud adoption approach and to be a part of Enterprises’ cloud journey. Our extensive consulting expertise in AWS migration services enables us to create a road map for current IT real estates and provide enticing solutions. 

AWS migration with iSmile Technologies: 

With Trio-migration, application downtime is reduced by 94%. 

iSmile Technologies helps enterprise companies economies of scale by 62%. Our clients desired to transfer 13 content and 15 customer applications to AWS. iSmile Technologies devised a novel approach known as ‘Trio-migration.’ Our approach reduced application downtime by 94%. 


aws migration services

AWS Application migration: 

Many companies operate their apps from a variety of Rackspace and other data centers in complicated enterprise architecture, but just a fraction of these applications run in AWS Cloud. AWS lift and shift must be seamless for such complex IT real estate, and it is difficult to minimise business effect. 

Our approach is to re-design and re-architecture the application to make it AWS cloud-ready via containerization, therefore assisting companies in achieving a painless Cloud Transformation plan. 

AWS Database Migration: 

Legacy databases such as MS SQL and Oracle DB continue to run on Rackspace, and companies are feeling compelled to migrate to AWS-compatible databases such as Aurora PostgreSQL. Our previous expertise with AWS Database migration service for numerous large-scale companies has enabled us to anticipate problems and create an error-free transfer plan. 


AWS Micro services: 

Microservices are tiny, self-contained software architectural styles in which components connect via API contracts. Migrating monolithic programmes from datacenters/rackspace to AWS necessitates breaking down monolithic systems into microservices through containers on Amazon EC2. Our architects assist businesses with decoupling monolithic apps in order to increase cloud readiness, isolate crashes, and scale. 

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