Encryption in Azure

Some of the key functions and features of Encryption in Azure

Encryption of communications and working on Azure keep your data assets safe. Azure provides you the option to implement additional encryption rules and features along with managing your cryptographic keys. All customer data on Azure is encrypted irrespective of the configuration set up by the customer.  

Azure provides you with a set of tools and technologies for encrypting and managing cryptographic keys along with audit and control access to data. Azure storage is equipped with potent security capabilities to enable the development of secure applications.  

Azure uses TLS for the protection of data when it is flowing from cloud services to customers. The connections between Azure Cloud services systems are secured using unique keys with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). Connections use the encryption key length of 2048 bit and RSA based. This unique combination makes data inaccessible to unauthorized parties during transit.  

Data is kept safe during transit between the application and the cloud by using HTTPS protocol or SMB 3.0 encryption on the client-side. Azure Virtual networks provide you the option to encrypt the traffic flow using IPsec protocol between the company VPN gateway and Azure or between the VMs on your virtual network.  

Azure provides multiple encryption options like AES-256 support for data at rest. Storage service encryption automatically encrypts the data when written to the storage of Azure. The OS and data disks required by VMs are also encrypted. Shared Access Signatures provide selectively and authorized access to Azure storage data objects.  

Some of the services provided by Azure Encryption are listed down below:- 

Azure Disk Encryption  
It allows encryption of your Linux infrastructure and Windows. It provides encryption for disks and operating systems leveraging the Windows Bit-locker feature and the Linux DM-crypt feature. The disk encryption got coupled with the Azure key vault for controlling and auditing encryption keys.  

Azure Storage Service Encryption  
It encrypts data before storage and decrypts it before retrieving or fetching the data—the primary use of storage service encryption is for Azure files or blob storage. To increase the level of efficiency of the security, you can use encryption keys managed by Azure with Storage Service Encryption.  

Azure Key Vault  
It allows you to encrypt access passwords and logins and keys saved in hardware security modules (HSM). It is Microsoft recommended security solution of Azure for access control of encryption keys employed by cloud services. It zeroes down the organization’s efforts involved in configuring, patching, and maintain the HSMs.  

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