5 Tips for the CISO Looking to Get a Handle on Cloud Security

Cloud security consist of a set of procedures, policies, and technologies that work together to protect data, application, and systems available on the cloud. Every business has millions of data available over the cloud, so cloud computing security plays an essential role. 

Cloud security is the new level of challenge for CISOs. They need to make so many efforts to protect their data or applications from malicious actors and also keep going on. We have come up with a list of top tips that can help CISOs handle their organization’s cloud security. If you implement them carefully, these tips can be proved wonders for cloud security, either Azure security or Google Cloud Security. 

Top 5 Cloud Security Tips for CISOs

1. Partner with the organization to deploy cloud security strategically 
CISO security should look for an organization that closely analyses its cloud requirements and designs a detailed cloud computing security strategy. Many organizations are taking this seriously and already redesigning and partnering with the teams in which security and IT come together with shared KPIs. This approach is considered as “Security by design,” where a proper architecture is designed and then implemented strategically by experts. 

2. Determine data flows 
When we are talking about data flows, we are considering the movement of data in the cloud. It becomes very important for CISO security to determine their organization’s data flows. The main reason behind this is that if they know the flow, they would easily find loopholes if they exist. It also helps them in risk calculations. 

3. Get on the best API security 
Cloud has easy for organizations to access their supply chain risks. The link to the previous point about determining the data flows, but it goes ahead too. More opportunities will also come along when you make the cloud an integral part of the organization. Due to this, you must have security protocols built on APIs within the cloud to restrict unauthorized access. They will empower your cloud and reduce the risk of breaches. 

4. Establish Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) 
ZTNA is what CISO security should consider, which means do now give access to any device or cloud service without authenticated security credentials. This solution will take your cloud security or azure security to a different level and help if you are about to enter the cloud world. 

5. Risk Awareness and activate workforce 
In the cloud, information security is something that everyone is concerned. But, while working on the security aspects, we also should be aware of the risks and threats that may appear surprisingly. It takes only one simple error to crash down the whole system, due to which you should keep a close watch over your system. The most effective solution for this is activating the workforce. Building a cloud workforce will help you to restrict even your employees from accessing unauthorized sections of the cloud. And believe us, this will protect your cloud from internal breaches. 


Cloud is a revolution around IT architectures, cost centres, and workflows, so it should be secure when implementing cloud to your business. Being CISO, it’s your responsibility to take every security measure to keep an organization’s information secure on the cloud. We hope these tips will help you keep your cloud safe and spread a positive workforce mindset within the organization. 

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