The Six R’s of Cloud Migration

It’s always good to have a blueprint ready before you try on to build a whole house. In the same way, a cloud migration requires basic strategies, the six R’s for having a good plan before you initiate the process of cloud migration.  

Let’s have a look at the 6 R’s of cloud migration:- 


Rehosting is generally referring to as lift and shift strategy, which means to lift servers and applications from on-premises to shifting them to a cloud environment. Rehosting is a pervasive strategy among organizations that are just starting their migration to the cloud. 

Companies get to take advantage of cloud platform which offers benefits of running servers on a scalable basis and pay- as- go infrastructure scheme. It gives a low-resistance migration strategy to users so that they can work backward from a hard deadline. The process of Rehosting is quite simple to apply; High-end technology and expertise won’t be a requirement.  


Within re-platforming, the lift and shift strategy goes under certain modifications, which involves optimizing some applications requiring programming input and well-end expertise.  


By repurchasing, we can refer to a strategy where the users or enterprises choose to drop and buy another product or service to use. Organizations often end their existing licensing to get new platforms or services like CRM systems. Some applications that can’t operate on cloud platforms have to drop to utilize the full advantages of cloud migration.  


Refactoring strategy drives the desire to improve services and specific applications; that’s why it is known as re-architecting. For the need for a burst in traffic and high-end activity on the sites, companies or enterprises make improvements to their present environment to bring better availability and reliability of the applications.  

Refactoring becomes the main requirement for businesses to handle burst activity; therefore, it is best to re-architect the services during the cloud migration stage. Although, refactoring requires high-end expertise and a bit of time to bring the best results.


The retaining strategy often proves to be of high importance when you need to retain data and applications which are hard to migrate to the cloud, and keeping them on On-premise platforms is a better choice to make. You may require keeping your IT portfolios intact and safe, or maybe you need to do so for compliance reasons; for this purpose, the retaining strategy should be in the light during this stage of migration. 


The last strategy is that retiring can be helpful when retiring some services and assets and focusing more on the services widely in use and of immediate value for your organization. For choosing things you are going to drop and looking for new opportunities to grow, it is well-recommended to take expert advice when retiring services. 

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