Providing Enhanced SaaS Security with Cloud Detection and Response

According to cloud computing statistics, 89% of companies use SaaS (software as a service), four out of five companies (80%) use IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and almost two-thirds (61%) use PaaS (platform as a service). SaaS applications enable businesses to reach unseen levels of productivity, but they bring significant cybersecurity challenges. With critical business systems moving to SaaS, security teams must figure out how to safely enable the use of SaaS without slowing down the business. The SaaS applications require continuous monitoring to ensure data is kept secret and avoid any potential compromise. Continuous monitoring of SaaS applications helps to detect credential theft and user/administrator account compromise. Therefore, companies must ensure that they monitor their login success and failures, login times and locations, repeated login failures followed by login success, and active directory activity. Insiders are one of the company’s greatest cybersecurity threats. In this category, it’s important to monitor things like user activity, i.e., delete, download, upload, file sharing, creating and opening links, unauthorized and untrusted mobile devices, network traffic activity. Cybercriminals aim to gain administrator privileges on a network of interest so they can cause vast damage to an organization in terms of data loss. In this category policies for the role of the administrator needs to be configured to monitor things such as: repeated user and/or data deletions the addition of privileged users changes to network permissions changes to audit logging configuration changes to policy controls In conclusion, in case you want to extend the capabilities of SaaS applications, your IT team can easily do so with the help of some development tools that they are already familiar with or follow some of the security measures discussed above. It would be wise to consider using IT companies to help manage your cloud services following the demands of your organization.

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