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Tableau is a business intelligence tool whose goal is to make data more accessible and understandable. Using big data for analysis and obtaining business information, whether for millions of registrations or a combination of several data sources to achieve a holistic perspective, is no longer a dream for the future. It’s not “nice to have”. It’s a need. Data and the insights we can derive from it are and will continue to be the greatest asset of the twenty-first century, and having tools to make that process simple is essential. Not only that but an increasing number of employee will be required to have a better understanding of how to operate with data.  

The Tableau consists of three main components: 

1. Tableau Prep- a tool for planning, cleaning, and combining data sources. We delegate to our already overburdened IT staff for all of those routine Excel tasks, SQL external queries, and other duties.  

2. Tableau Desktop connect to any data source to obtain BI answers, detect outliers, analyze KPIs, and build interactive dashboards. These dashboards might be exploratory, allowing the user to discover their insights or explicative, displaying significant points and explaining the company’s position.  

3. Tableau Server or Tableau Online These are two solutions with extremely comparable features that allow us to share our reports, answers, and dashboards with all of our company’s other users, as well as our clients. They also enable us to define authorizations, ensuring that only the people or teams who need access are allowed in. Finally, these two products provide everything a firm needs to get the most out of Tableau.  

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Tableau Server is distinguished from Tableau Online because Tableau Server requires our management and maintenance (on-premise or in the cloud with AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure). In contrast, Tableau Online is a Tableau Server version hosted directly by Tableau, with the user only having to manage content, users, and so on. 

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