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Leveraging AI for Cloud management

These days, business organizations want to benefit from cloud computing, but most don’t want the public cloud’s cost, governance, and performance concerns. Also, they don’t want the operational and complexity overhead of the private clouds. Due to this, most vendors use Artificial Intelligence to simplify private cloud implementation and management. Which further make it possible for the organizations to self-drive, self-install, self-healing, and self-managing.  

AI for Cloud Efficiencies

Even if you dedicate your whole team efforts to manage cloud efficiencies, you will not spend your money correctly as AI can do better jobs. Today AI is working seamlessly at the backend to analyze cloud usage correctly and suggest some ways to reduce the inefficiencies from the cloud. The following are a few advantages of leveraging AI for cloud management: 

24/7 Cloud Monitoring 

Apart from monitoring the cloud 24/7, your cloud engineers might have a lot of essential things to do. Even if you dedicate some of your engineers to this task, they will lose accuracy while analyzing the unlimited number of data points after a limited time. This is the point where AI can help you with its amazing solutions. There are AI algorithms available that can run 2//7 efficiently and accurately to measure cloud usage in real-time. With the help of this technology, you can effectively monitor your cloud and make sure it keeps continue to function at its best capacity. 

Quickly identify right-sized opportunities. 

While working on the cloud, it keeps fluctuating. There are always increasing and decreasing demands at the drop of a hat, which is not always accurately predictable. Your organization should pay for the resources you are not using; it is nearly impossible for humans to react quickly to these fluctuations. But for AI, it’s like child’s play. AI can come with the rescue solutions whenever your disk usage scales go up or down. Resources will automatically adjust according to the real-time application requirements, right-sizing instance types to workload requirements and adding the automated ability to downsize the instances automatically at the backend. You don’t require to do more manual changes and configurations. This is the reason why it is called right-sizing. 

Data Processing Cluster

Managing EBS 

Managing Elastic Block Storage (EBS) manually is one of the most challenging tasks. You may have EBS volumes that are completely unused or idle, and for using EBS at its best, you need to identify. The identification is also important because you are not getting the high performance you are paying for. AI will identify these unused or idle EBS, predict the usage trends and also automatically merge & detach these volumes to ensure optimal disk usage. 

Predictive intelligence 

AI offer smart machine learning algorithms that can easily learn the historical behaviour of your cloud and use the same information to enhance your cloud’s efficiency. Most of the time, you could need to enhance and flow during the specific time of the day, month, or year. AI can analyze all these behaviours and offer intelligence ahead of time. This will help you know what is in demand for the specific time or be in line with a projected traffic spike or forecast the growth’s infrastructure requirements without wasting resources. 

Let AI be your partner in Growth

According to the experts, 60% of executives believe that AI enhances revenue and 40% analyzed that AI has reduced cost. So why not implement AI where you need to get most of your cloud requirements. 

Smart business organizations won’t put the cloud inefficiencies longer because they reduce their productivity and ROI. This is why innovations are happening to enhance the consumption and capacity utilization, visibility, elasticity and reduce the wastage of resources. AI supercharges these innovations and saves companies from all the manual work. 

iSmile Technologies is here with AI solutions to implement in your cloud to reduce the cost and enhance the efficiency of the cloud. Talk to an expert for further discussion now!

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