Azure Cloud Adoption

A cloud adoption is a set of tools and guidelines for the technical parts of cloud migration and recommendations and requirements for the processes, people, and business elements involved. A cloud adoption guides you through creating and implementing a cloud migration plan in iterative steps, avoiding frequent errors and roadblocks. Large public cloud providers provide […]

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Optimisation

There are numerous advantage to moving to the cloud. Not only do large enterprises with large IT budgets have access to enterprise-grade infrastructure and services. However, consumers of cloud infrastructure and service providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure will need to learn how to reduce cloud expenditures at some time. Thinking big leads to […]

Tableau on Azure

Tableau is a business intelligence tool whose goal is to make data more accessible and understandable. Using big data for analysis and obtaining business information, whether for millions of registrations or a combination of several data sources to achieve a holistic perspective, is no longer a dream for the future. It’s not “nice to have”. […]

Modern Data Platform Customization

In terms of software positioning and messaging, “platforms” are all the rage. And, more recently, a new platform has emerged as the “platform du jour” – the “data platform” – as businesses struggle to handle an expanding quantity of data and an increasing range of data types created by an increasing number of applications on […]


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