Journey to the Cloud: Top Strategies for CIOs to Drive a Successful Cloud Migration

Date: Nov 30th 2021 | Time: 11:00 AM CST

The biggest challenge every entrepreneur face is migrating data to the cloud and protecting their data over the cloud from unauthorized access. 

This is why we have joined forces with the VP of Digital Transformation of iSmile Technologies, Jack, who emphasizes validating strategies before implementation.   

Join Jack C. VP of Digital Transformation for a 45 minute Webinar on  “Journey to the Cloud: Top Strategies for CIOs to Drive a Successful Cloud Migration. “

What will you learn during the webinar:  

Moving to the cloud is vital for anyone who wants their company to perform at its best. In an era where efficiency is a key competitive advantage, cloud computing can truly make a difference. Security, flexibility, resource stability, cost reduction, energy savings, business continuity, and disaster recovery are just some of the benefits that can be achieved through the cloud.

Learn key insights that will ensure your journey to the cloud is a successful one.

Journey to the Cloud: Top Strategies for CIOs to Drive a Successful Cloud Migration.

Our Speaker

Jack C.

Digital Transformation Leader/Strategist | Cloud, SRE, DevOps, Security, AI & ML

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