Virtual Consultant

Our Virtual Consultant is a transformative solution for patient treatments. It helps in booking doctors’ appointments and consultations. This doctor on-demand assistant helps patients in finding available doctors for getting instant consultation for health checkups, Temperature checkups, basic checkups. It helps get consultations from Dentists, Dermatologistsdietitians, Orthopedician, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, oncologists. We aim to  

  • Provide ease of use to the patients  
  • Please provide them with our product at their doorstep  
  • Provide online one to one consultation  
  • Provide patients with suggestions of doctors  

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Features of the product

Solutions with an Interactive and hassle-free interface and seamless functionality ensure that you get the best experience. 

Login portal

The consultant has a login page for patients and doctors.

Patient data collection

It collects patients' data regarding their medical history and others.

Mobile app layout

The patient registration can be done on mobile.

Appointment Form layout

The appointment form helps you schedule appointments with available doctors.

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require deficient maintenance.

It helps book appointments and gets prescriptions online 

It helps the elderly and people with disabilities to book appointments 

You need not have to search for available doctors in your area who are welcoming appointments at a specific time

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