Virtual Assistant

What is Virtual Assistant?

The Virtual Assistant is an intelligent chat bot solution that shall be designed to provide self- service support to the internal users with their day to day operational queries across towers, through natural, human-like conversations. VA can be embedded into the client front-end portal.The cloud solution can interface with Orchestration layer for all the backed system access.The virtual assistant comprises of the following key components to enable self-service and seamless user experience for all users

Types of Virtual Assistants we offer:

Virtual Assistant Interface

Virtual Assistant Interface

Web UI for end users to launch and access the virtual assistant in text mode.
VA Agent interface

VA Agent interface

Web UI for agents to handle queries transferred from non-
assisted to assisted mode.
 Virtual Assistant Trainer UI

Virtual Assistant Trainer UI

Interface to update unhandled/unanswered user queries
and train the chat engine.

Conversational Builder

This is a heart of the VA. This part of the solution monitors and controls the virtual assistant system. It manages the service request and can respond to a wide variety of user utterances. It keeps track of conversation between users and the system, to determine appropriate responses.
It uses MS Cognitive Services, to leverage the combination of cognitive service capabilities such as QnA, Text Analytics, Language Understanding and Speech to add intelligence to the chat conversation. It also uses the cognitive capability to understand the user’s emotions and based on a user’s sentiment analysis it can transfer the user’s conversation to the agent.

Our VA Interfaces have:

Chat Interface with Robot with Fallback to Agent
Trainer Interface to help it learn how to better respond to questions in future

Our VA Conversation Builder have:

Azure Bot Service
Training App Service

We are experts in Microsoft Cognitive Services which include:

Text Analytics
LUIS Framework
Vision API

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