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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Use Cases for various industries

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) involves creating a virtual environment with the help of centralized servers. In simple terms, it’s an technology with which you can access office virtual desktops and applications through any device (like a PC, smartphone, or tablet). It removes the requirement of getting confined to office desks for being productive. Enterprise VDI creates several virtual desktops on the server, which can be accessed remotely through any device. Virtual Machines (VM) are used to host these desktops, and are controlled through a management software. 

Then, security protocols are used to secure the data stored on these virtual desktops by letting only authorized persona to access the company desktops, apps, files, and services from any recognized device via a secure desktop client or with a browser through the hypervisor. VDI as a service can be either persistent or non-persistent. In the Persistent VDI, user gets a personalized experience when they login for the 2nd & subsequent time, whereas in Non-persistent VDI, the desktop reverts to its initial state when the user logs out. 

VDI Use Cases for various industries 

VDI has become an important technology for businesses across the industries. A recent research by the Capgemini states that nearly 66% of organizations have succeeded in increasing productivity by adopting virtualization. This acts as a game changer by giving employees the flexibility to work from home. So it is quite simple that VDI for law firms is a top choice for law organizations that are looking to follow a healthy hybrid work culture incorporating a healthy mix of flexibility and collaboration.  


BPOs or call centers industry is very competitive. This industry has a vast workforce, and they access similar tools or apps. The employees need round-the-clock access to important apps and data. Hence, it may become challenging install & manage different apps on different systems. But with the VDI solution, employees get centralized space to manage everything & reduce complexity. Moreover, with highly secure system, there is no the concern to loose confidential data. 


Doctors and clinicians need remote access to the patients’ data & apps when they are on move within the hospital premises, and also when outside. Securing their patient’s sensitive information is the most important concern of the hospital management, and this is achieved by the VDI/VDaaS for healthcare.  Virtual desktop technology is a boon for the healthcare industry as it allows them to access confidential data wherever they are. Secondly, with the strict security standards and regulations regarding healthcare data, VDI ensures that medicine and prescription data is safe.

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IT firms today operate an entire fleet of endpoints in the workplace. And it’s important for them to ensure availability & security than ever before. Along with workforce’s security and mobility needs, the IT firms also need to satisfy dynamic business needs. Here, the VDI solution is very helpful. It gives IT managers a means to enable remote workers to access systems & applications to be productive from where ever they work, and to ensure that business continuity is maintained.  


In the manufacturing industry, you can see  a vast workforce who are always mobile, and that includes engineers, contractors, technical experts, builders, and executives. By employing VDI, organizations can create a secure way to let their workforce collaborate and work productively. In the VDI environment, contractors and partners get virtual desktops so that they can work on any device from anywhere, and can collaborate with other people enjoying a consistent experience. 

Law Firms 

Today’s law firms have tech-obsessed work circumstances. In the contemporary business scenario, the law firms can’t restrict people to work from office only. In such a situation, VDI helps them to have secure client information whether it’s personal or business devices. Virtual desktops eliminates a lot of headaches for installing various applications on different devices to secure sensitive client data and communication. Solicitors and advocates are always on the run, sometimes working from courts and other times, from home. Here, a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policy is the need of the hour. Thus, VDI for law firms allows these people to access sensitive data on any compatible device while making it simple to control the client information’s integrity. 

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