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User engagement refers to how frequently and how long a user interacts with your website, app, or other product. Higher user engagement of users is profitable for the business. We created a user engagement website by applying advanced analytics to the unstructured data set, which would eventually lead to increase in user engagement, membership and ad revenues.  Technologies and algorithms used in the product are 

  • NLP and GCP 
  • SVM ( Support vector Machine) 
  • Naïve Bayes  
  • Random Forest 
  • XG Boost 

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Features of the product

Solutions with Interactive and hassle-free interface and seamless functionality ensure that you get the best of experience.

Data cleaning and transformation

The data is cleaned, transformed and formed into data models or clusters. Variables are assigned to data clusters for recognition.

Creating groups of users

The product categorizes users into groups for forming targeted meaningful user engagement strategies. This is done with unsupervised learning techniques.

Deriving compatibility score

A compatibility score is provided which determines how similar/ dissimilar two users are based on their features.

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require very low maintenance.

Finding groups or categories among users that can be used to develop more meaningful strategies for increasing user engagement.  

Use advanced machine learning algorithm which makes it possible to show relevant or similar profiles to users based on the profile data entered by them on the app.  

Increases the interest level of the users as they see relevant profiles on the app.  

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