Top Penetration Testing Tools (1)

Top penetration testing tools

Penetration Testing is a simulated cybersecurity attack against your system or infrastructure to check out vulnerabilities and loopholes from where the attacks can seep into the system. There are various tools for penetration Testing 

Tools for exploring and collecting information 

  1. Powershell suite containing powershell scripts that extracts information about different processes, access nodes, DLLs and others 
  1. Zmap- It is a scanner for networks which is capable of scanning everything from organization web networks and determine the accurate attack landscape in the network. 
  1. X- Ray- This help identify open ports on the networks that are vulnerable for attack. They use wordlists, DNS requests and different API keys to identify open ports 
  1. Simply Email- It is an email recon online tool and uses harvested solution to collect, and extract information by searching the internet for data around any email address 

Tools for testing credentials and wireless 

  1. Wireshark- It is a network protocol analyser that captures network traffic to identify which systems are live, which accounts are most active. They best provide in-depth network visibility into the organizations’ communications. 
  1. 3Hashcat- It is a password recovery suite consisting of a password recovery tool, a password cracking element and a word generator. It fully supports brute force, rule based, hybrid and toggle case password attacks 
  1. John the Ripper- John the Ripper is a penetration testing tool which can find and expose weak passwords on any given system. For novice testers aiming for password cracking, this tool is the best 
  1. Hydra- Hydra is a password cracking tool but is bit different from other password cracking tools. It provides parallel connections and supports multiple protocols at the same time. This enables a tester to crack multiple passwords on different systems without losing connection and at the same time. 
  1. Air Crackng- This tool performs four functions 
  • Monitors network packets 
  • Attacks through injection of packets 
  • Test the Wi-Fi capabilities of the systems and networks 
  • Enables cracking of passwords 

Tools for testing Web Applications and Shells 

  1. Burp Suite- It allows complete vulnerability scanning, capturing of proxy, and employing injection of commands for penetration testing of web applications 
  1. Metaspoilt- This tool also helps in vulnerability scanning, exploiting the vulnerabilities, collecting information and reporting. 
  1. Nikto- It is used for scanning web applications. It contains a feature al most resembling web service scanner. It also contains a list of malicious pre-packaged files and also helps in checking misconfiguration. 
  1. FuzzDB- It contains prebuilt attack scripts for exploiting vulnerabilities in the web applications 

Tools for vulnerabilities testing 

  1. NMAP- This network mapping tool helps you identify open ports in any network. They work on platforms like Linux, OpenBSD, HP-UX, NetBSD, Sun OS, Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X and Amiga 
  1. SQL MAP- It validates flaws in SQL injections that may affect your database. 
  1. MobSF- It does static and dynamic analysis and vulnerability scanning for web applications 

 Reverse Engineering Testing tools 

  1. Apktool- This tool helps in reverse engineering a malware so to find the best option to protect against it 
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