Demand Forecast and Cloud Native Computing

With the development of technology, we have evolved from the cloud age. There are many cloud-native applications around our daily life. Cloud Native Computing Foundation is one of the essential roles in software development and big data world. Cloud Native Computing was founded in 2015, advancing advance container technology and supporting the tech industry around its evolution. in addition, there are several ways that cloud native computing uses open source software to achieve scale and reliability.
To be specific, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure. Today, CNCF is supported by over 450 members, including Google, Twitter, Huawei, Intel, IBM, and so on. Many segments and industries are looking for solutions how to compete effectively. Let’s take demand forecast segment as an example, it is switching to cloud native computing that allows them to increase the efficiency and the speed of technology operations, reduce technology operational costs, etc. Therefore, I believe cloud native computing is a trend for the future demand forecast development.

With cloud native applications being resilient to failures, they handle the outages and enable corrective actions which, in my opinion, improves overall user experience. I also believe resiliency is possible due to the use of microservices that allows developers to treat each service independently, focusing mainly on the capabilities of each module. Cloud-native computing is truly a digital disruption in the e-commerce industry. Cloud computing providers will focus not only on increasing storage capacity (due to the data volume increase), but also will continue prioritizing security since the risks still exist.


Xun Cui

Data Scientist Intern

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