What is data enablement

What is data enablement?

Data enablement is the practice of empowering business entities with the right tools and technologies to drive maximum leverage from data to achieve business objectives. Data is the new oil and is the most competitive asset for innovation or growth within a short time. Equipping business individuals with the correct data analysis means a better understanding trends, buying behavior, better identification of new growth opportunities, and efficient administration and operation. Risk management becomes much more accessible and prudent with the proper leverage from data.  

It is a long-known fact that data generated from apps, processes, and system devices has the potential to bring a complete turnaround in company growth owing to a better understanding of markets and trends and others. So, data governance is a welcome step. But sooner or later, data governance is bogged down by unaccountability, complex data governance architectures with growing data and their uses. Huge data lakes are created where every organization’s data is loaded, resulting in poor quality data. Opportunities for revitalizing the data for use by processes and individuals are lost. Most of the time, the individuals who can better the processes are devoid of quality data. 

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Now, enters data enablement. It employs management of data based on defined data rules and policies. It offers the option of real time validation of data, classification and management. It involves real time updation of the data catalog for self-service data access and discovery. 

You must be thinking about the ownership aspects and the responsibility of data. Data enablement generally goes by the principle of “one who creates the data, owns it”. The responsibility of maintaining data quality is completely upon the one who has created it. 

Data enablement is not a replacement of data governance but only ensuring that right data is available to right people at the right time.  It involves adoption of right data tools by the teams and re-enforcing the data skills required to manage the data produced by teams through trainings. 

It is an outcome-based approach to provide people and teams within the organisation with the right data tools, skills so that data can be used in a much informed and efficient manner. 

Data enablement or the practice of empowering groups of individuals within the organisation to use the power of data and analytics help in improving process productivity and customer experience as a whole. 

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