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Unlock the Power of Remote Work with Our DaaS Solution

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?   

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing platform where a service provider delivers virtual desktops to end users via the Internet, Subscribing on a per-user basis.   

Small enterprises who find building their virtual desktop infrastructures too costly or resource-intensive might outsource backend administration to the provider. This management includes Maintenance, backup, upgrades, and data storage. It may also handle security and applications for the desktop. Two types of desktops are available in DaaS—persistent and non-persistent.  

Persistent Desktop:

  • Users can store their desktops, so it will look the same way every time they log in, which requires more storage than non-persistent desktops.   
  • A persistent desktop is a good fit for developers and IT professionals.  

Non-persistent Desktop:

  • Desktops are erased each time the user logs out; they are only used to access shared cloud storage.   
  • A Non-persistent desktop is a good fit for knowledge workers and task workers.  

Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Accessibility: With ISmile Technologies DaaS, you don’t have to worry about traveling everywhere with your expensive PC or laptop. You can instead use a lightweight laptop or any available device to access your online workspace.  

Scalability: With ISmile Technologies DaaS, Organizations can rapidly spin up apps and desktops based on business needs without investing in additional infrastructure. This is valuable when staffing temporary workers during peak seasons. A scalable DaaS solution enables you to quickly and rapidly onboard additional onboard users.  

Flexibility: With ISmile Technologies DaaS, Employees, seasonal workers, and contractors can securely access their applications, remote desktops, and sensitive data from anywhere on cost-effective devices. This helps people stay productive no matter where they work and makes it easy for IT to support Bring Your Device (BYOD) programs.  

Security: ISmile Technologies DaaS provides a secure access point for users and simplifies management. With access to applications and desktops in the cloud, data is securely stored and protected against data loss or device theft.  

Cost savings: With ISmile Technologies DaaS, you pay for only what you use through monthly or yearly subscription models. In addition, DaaS can be used to reduce capital expenses (CAPEX) and gain a more predictable operational expense model.

Downtime: With ISmile Technologies DaaS, you’re less likely to suffer from downtime as long as you have a reliable internet connection.  

DaaS vs. VDI

OPEX vs. CAPEX: DaaS costs are based on operating expenditures (OPEX) like all cloud-based services. On the other hand, VDI costs are based on capital expenditures (CAPEX). That means DaaS customers are concerned with ongoing costs, while VDI customers are concerned with upfront costs.  

Multi-tenant vs. Single Tenant: Every DaaS environment follows a multi-tenant model. This means its resources are shared among multiple customers/organizations. On the other hand, VDI environments usually follow a single-tenant model; wherein a single organization consumes all resources in a VDI environment.   

Cost: Deploying DaaS requires lower upfront costs because the service provider is responsible for the infrastructure. The subscription model also allows users to scale their investments to meet their needs. On the other hand, VDI requires a heavy upfront investment to set up data centers plus servers to host and support virtual desktops.   

Control: In DaaS deployments, the provider controls your infrastructure and many aspects of configuration, monitoring, and data storage. On the other hand, in VDI deployments, you typically have complete control over your infrastructure, configurations, and data. Additionally, because single-tenant architecture is used, it is easier to ensure that only authorized users can access data.


ISmile Technologies is the cloud service provider that hosts and manages the entire infrastructure, network resources, and storage in the cloud, and streams virtual desktops to customers’ endpoints, providing access to applications and desktops from anywhere at any time.  ISmile Technologies’ VDI managed services transforms & empowers your workforce with its secure & efficient VDI solutions. Schedule a free assessment today.


Mahaboob Khan

A Cloud Engineer at ISmile Technologies, he had extensive experience working on Microsoft Azure which involves activities like Implementation, Managing and troubleshooting the User related issues. With automation tools like Azure ARM Template, Terraform, and Azure DevOps, he helps our client to automate deployment of IaaS and PaaS services.

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