Today, AI/ML technology is being used in almost every field. It not only helps in the growth of businesses by decision-making but is also far better at predicting behaviour than the human mind. For example, computer models trained to identify individual’s personality traits provide more accurate results than their friends and family members based exclusively on what Facebook posts they like. Also, today 75% of Netflix users select films recommended by the company’s machine learning algorithm.

Similarly, we have used the AI/ML models to examine the person in all possible ways, which will help to identify individuals with general symptoms, so that they can be further assessed by Medical experts, potentially preventing the spread of these symptoms to other people around them.

What is COVID-19 Analyzer?

COVID-19 Analyser is the one stop for tracking the symptoms to helping an individual to make a decision when to seek medical help.

 The main aim of the analyser is to detect the spread of virus. The approach is to get the real time data which can give us instant results. These results can help the individual to get medicated if they have any symptoms of covid. With the help of the analyser, we can stop the spread of virus.


We have developed models which our product consist of with the help of those models an individual can make for if she/he has any symptoms of covid so that they can be treated sooner.


The Product comprises of:




The chat-bot present all the healthcare services provided by our product so that the individual can select whichever services they want to go through.


The survey model has a questionnaire which is developed by dynamically scraping symptoms for the CDC website, then displays the percentage of having covid depending upon the options which the individual has selected.



This model collects the vital of voice and with the help of the model we can recognise if the individual is suffering from sore throat. In this way it will detect if individual is having symptoms of covid.



This model will take user’s face image as an input and it will examine each organ of the person’s face separately and then provide the cumulative results in predict the fatigueless on user’s face. In this way it will detect if individual is having symptoms of covid.



The individuals can upload their x-rays and this model will help the particular individual by presenting the results if the person is having any chances of covid.



By help of GPS we can find the nearest located hospitals so that the individual can be treated at the earliest.

By using all the above models, we can evaluate the likelihood of a person being infected by the corona virus and as a result, individuals who are not having rather severe virus symptoms can simply stay at home and avoid hospitals, thus relieving some of the pressure on the current situations.

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