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App Modernisation – Use cases

Use cases_App Modernisation

The need for technology that works has never been greater. It’s hard enough to navigate the pandemic without clunky applications and convoluted processes preventing us from doing our best work. They rob us of time, frustrate us, and affect the bottom line. 

A study by VMware found that modern applications help businesses successfully navigate the pandemic. At iSmile Technologies, we have made it our mission to help our customers succeed. Here, we share four use cases of app modernizations this year.  

These are well-known multinationals with multi-million turnovers, and they all had problems that they had to solve: 

Scaling SaaS-based solutions

Scaling SaaS-based solutions

The client, a Pacific Northwest startup, wants to redefine how the real estate industry schedules, organizes and coordinates such home viewings. The company saw ways to streamline scheduling and communication while capturing feedback from homebuyers and agents. With real estate prices at an all-time high, the company realized it was time to get into the market as quickly as possible to capitalize on strong demand. 

Although the client had solid market knowledge, they only had a general idea and a basic app concept. They turned to us to develop a SaaS-based solution that could be scaled to production readiness. After analyzing customer issues to improve the user experience, a Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) was defined with the help of AWS SaaS Enablement Framework. This system evaluates security compliance and cost models. 

Refactoring for more security and reliability

Refactoring for more security and reliability

After nine months of gathering user feedback, the client, a SaaS startup that offers highly personalized email video messages to support customer acquisition and retention, knew what features it wanted. The company had developed a precise pricing model and mapped out its go-to-market strategy. However, the proof-of-concept (POC) phase presented some challenges, particularly reliability and security. To get the solution ready for production, the company needed to address these challenges. 

With AWS Well-Architected, cloud architects can build a secure and efficient infrastructure for their workloads and applications. Understanding the Well-Architected framework for start-up companies can be crucial when implementing customer feedback.

A Well-Architected Framework Review was conducted to better refactor the company’s POC. The result was twofold. First, a continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipeline was set up with parallel environments to increase agility and reduce risk. Second, a more secure environment was built that scaled quickly with EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, and Auto Scaling groups. 

Streamlining DevOps for rapid code deployment

Streamlining DevOps for rapid code deployment

The client provides management software solutions for facility administrators and staff to track, access, and update critical environmental, health and safety, and sampling compliance information. As the company and product matured, Verdant encountered a problem many companies struggled with: Inefficiencies in product changes and upgrades. 

The company had six different codebases, unique to each customer, and manually distributed them across more than 10 web servers, with SQL scripts running on multiple databases. This process quickly overloaded Verdant, which limited itself in developing new features. 

Eliminating these inefficiencies was an important step. We automated the development process and streamlined DevOps with a build server and rapid deployment tools. In addition, migrating to the AWS cloud created a faster, more reliable solution that provided additional security and lower costs, both in hardware and customer acquisition. 

Integrating Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Teams

Integrating Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Teams

The client is a big name in telecommunications. Its B2B sales team manages extremely complex six-figure business opportunities. The company’s old CRM system was no longer fit for purpose, and the company decided to move to Salesforce. XY also needed a cost-effective way to make sales opportunities visible to all relevant employees in Microsoft Teams. 

Using Teams App Development, we built a custom Microsoft Teams app to display information from Salesforce in Teams. Once an opportunity reaches a certain probability, the details automatically display in a Microsoft Teams channel. And they are displayed in the same way as in Salesforce: logically presented and updated in real-time. 

While there are some ready-made CRM integration apps, nothing on the market would provide the same level of detail and depth to employees. And because the information is in teams, there’s seamless collaboration around the sales opportunity, giving everyone the tools, they need to move it forward. 

App modernization is different for every business. Find out how iSmile Technologies can help you design and develop new solutions that leverage today’s most advanced cloud services. 

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