"Don’t try to tell the customer what he wants. If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work and serve the customer!" - Gene Buckley - Anna Segova

Public Cloud Technologies

All the recent technologies like AI, ML, Edge Computing and IoT are moving to cloud. To enable complete digital transformation and run all the data centers and workloads on cloud, we leverage the best public cloud technology solutions like 

RPA/Intelligent Automation Platforms

To make it super easy to deploy and manage robotic automation for handling protocol based large scale workloads without error and stepping up speed and productivity in the organizational processes, we use some of the best intelligent automation platforms like 

Analytics Platforms

In the age where analytics can act as competitive advantage for industries, we tend to provide the most advanced analytic tools and visualization for accurate and strategic business decision making. Now you can forecast trends, revenue that can be generated, have advanced reports citing the efficacy of work processes and the gaps to be fulfilled and many other such things with our analytics service. We drive maximum value of data and generate viable insights from hidden data through use of advanced analytics platforms like…. 

Big Data Platforms

We undertake complete implementation and assessment of relationships of big data and their dependencies on the systems in the IT ecosystem. We create the architecture for handling storage and flow of big data so that the best inferences and viable data for workflows can be drawn from petabytes of data within second. To make big data a massive resource of profitability within your organization, we employ the most reputed and best in class big data platforms like 

Collaboration Suites

We have completely transformed the digital workspace of our clients and have made it lean, fast, easily manageable and more remunerative by offering a plethora of collaboration suites. These suites help your team in easy and advanced reporting and dashboarding, communicating information, scheduling tasks, storing and organizing the workload data, driving synchrony between different work processes and so on. We provide some of the best collaboration suites in the market like…. 

Virtual Desktops / Cloud VDI

Now your workforce can collaborate remotely from any device, anytime and anywhere for accessing data of their needs. Your team can safely access applications required for their work processes from their preferred device or desktop. We build, test, scale and implement virtual desktops and cloud VDIs with the most recognized and efficient services like…. 

Visualization Tools

We build, test and integrate visualization capabilities with your applications and systems, so that data can be curated , refined and reflected in a manner that you can easily identify and understand the trends of reports, inferences and use them in decision making even at micro-level. For this, we have in our repository some of the best visualization tools like… 

Next Generation Firewall Tools

Security is the top concern today. With various malwares being induced in the global IT ecosystem and ransomware coming into the picture, we have devised the best security solutions to prevent from hacks, trojans, advanced malwares and have enabled companies maintain complete security of their data and systems. For this , we employ the best in class firewall tools like… 

IAM Tools

We deploy the best identity and access management solutions in organization for security of the virtual and physical environment in the organization. Our IAM solutions use ancillary data of individuals, software, hardware and other system in the organization to provide identity, secure the identities and provide use based access in the organization. Basically, we turn your organization a fortress for data security, individual identity security and security of other assets. For this , we employ some of the best IAM tools like…. 

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