Why a Zero Trust Philosophy is the Superior Cloud Security Approach

Technical resources such as firewalls and data encryption are only as useful as the hands that wield them. That is why when it comes to cloud security, a key strategy like the Zero Trust approach is equally important in protecting sensitive data. The concept of Zero Trust is exactly what it sounds in which its […]

Facing the Challenges of Cloud Migration

It has been a difficult year for businesses as some have suffered gravely while others have excelled due to their flexibility and ableness to meet customer demands in the midst of a global pandemic. These circumstances have proven just how important it is for businesses to remain agile, especially when technology continues to force fundamental changes […]

Use cases of ML in Azure Databricks for the finance sector!

Machine learning in finance sector:  Machine Learning has penetrated almost every industry and is being extensively used for carrying analytical work which helps the company make important business decisions. Talking about the finance sector, it is a huge industry consisting of insurance, banking, real estate, etc.   There is always data involved with any business and if that data is harvested and put to […]

Cloud discovery and readiness assessments

Cloud migration are compelling method to drive operational efficiencies and to flip capital costs to operational. Effective cloud movements are established in inclination towards activity and execute with earnestness towards triggers that need quick consideration.  The first step to address these challenges is to create a consolidated view of business value and IT performance, cost across all workloads running at a given […]

Cloud for companies

Cloud computing took a star turn this past year for its major supporting role in keeping the economy running during the coronavirus pandemic, as it facilitated the day-to-day workflows of businesses and propped up organizations from retailers and supermarkets to medical and educational institutions. The recent Cloud Computing Trends report from CompTIA, a non-profit research organization, has […]


Virtualization basically refers to the process of creating a virtual version of any sort of computing services like different operating systems in a single device using a virtual machine, virtual computer hardware platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources.  Virtualization came into existence in 1960s, but was not widely used at that time. It was […]

Building a scrollable List in React Native using FlatList

React Native helps the users to use the same programming language and model you use to create web applications and native mobile app. And similarily GraphQL and Apollo Client are designed to make data loading management simple and consistent regardless of your backend data.  One of the most common UI feature of mobile application is scrollable list. It is important […]

Finding consumer preference using EEG signals

EEG (electroencephalogram) signals are widely used to analyze consumer response in Neuromarketing. When compared with fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging), EEG cannot detect deep responses and exact positions of where the activity occurred but it can track changes in fractions of seconds. The setup is much cheaper and more easily usable than fMRI. We are […]

Facial Emotion Recognition in Neuromarketing

Traditional marketing research tools like surveys and focus groups are used to evaluate customer responses on various aspects of the product, but they do not fully capture what’s going on in the customer’s mind. Responses are not always true in some cases. This is where the idea of Neuromarketing becomes useful. Using non-verbal consumer responses and brain signals is a more reliable method as they are spontaneous and […]