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Rise of no code and low code platforms

Recently, the increased discussion on low code and no-code platforms has increased too much/ These development disruptors enable the opportunity to improve the industry challenges such as limited efficiency and slow innovations. 

These platforms are increasingly becoming the technology people love to work with over the digital workplace. According to Gartner’s research, organizations will develop 70% of their new applications using no-code or low-code technologies by 2025. 

This technology shifting is also helping the developers to develop more sustainable and efficient applications. This blog will explore why low-code and no-code have risen in demand and why you should use this technology for your applications. 

Advantages of no-code and low-code Technologies

For getting the answers to all your questions about no-code and low-code technologies, these advantages will be enough. Let’s go hands-on to understand why these technologies are different from other computer languages: 

Reduce IT Overhead 

You will be amazed if you hear that you can create an application or website without hiring an expensive developer. Most small and medium enterprises have minor budgets to run their business. This is why they can’t afford a developer to create a website for their business. No-code and low-code platforms give opportunities to all of them to have their business website at an affordable price. 

Make Development Process Faster 

Traditional methods make the web or application development process quite long. It takes at least one to two months for developing a website or an application to come into existence, and after that, testing takes a lot of time. With the help of no-code and low-code platforms, you can create an application faster. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, you only need a few hours, and your website is ready. You can set up and launch an outstanding online store in one day. 

Easy to use 

If you don’t have to spend so many years studying and learning to program, or you are not updating your programming knowledge by learning new things, there is no issue. You do the whole software development process with the help of drag and drop functionality. You can perform all the operations with simple software editors, and the software elements will do the logic at the backend.  

Improved Agility 

Agility is the priority to tackle the new operational efficiencies challenges, enhance customer experience and place remote workforces in your organization. Low-code and no-code tools enable organizations to develop, implement and manage applications from more than one channel from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are accessing them and from which device you are accessing them, everything will remain the same. 

No-code and low-code deployments enhance the developer’s agility and help them do their work quickly from any corner of the world. This will, in turn, help to increase the ROI of the organization, and also developers work on more than one project at one time. 

Enhanced Innovations 

According to experts, successful IT organizations are those who offer their employees tools and technologies that will not only help them to design or develop but also help them to learn new things at the same time. Low-code and no-code platforms are doing their job at this point. They help developers to create some innovative applications due to the inbuilt features.  

The rising demand for a no-code platform doesn’t mean that traditional programming is no more in use. Developers can use traditional code at no-code and low-code platforms to do wonders.


When we talk about no-code and low-code development platforms, tools and technologies, the first thing that comes to mind is the faster development process. Maybe this is the primary reason for the rise in the demand for these platforms. Sometimes, you need experts to work with these platforms because having an expert person is always better than having an unskilled person.  

Experts at iSmile Technologies are there to help you out with your website or application development requirements. Talk to an expert now! 

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