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What is SHIFA EMR 2.0?

SHIFA EMR is an Electronic Medical Records program designed for clinics. SHIFA is a client-server design that has 2 main components it needs in order to work: the database and the SHIFA application. The database needs to be set up on a single server computer within the clinic, which we will call the Database Server

Here are some benefits of using EMR(Electronic Medical Records) programs:

Overview of SHIFA EMR

The server hosts the database for the entire clinic. The performance of the server has the single biggest impact on the performance and reliability of the system. SHIFA EMR can be installed on a server located on site at the clinic or business, or a Cloud service (also known as ASP) where you don’t need a physical server at all, instead accessing your system online. If you do prefer to host your own, here are requirements for the server. Note that the more users you have using the server at one time, the more powerful the server should be. Maintenance of the local server, (for example, but not limited to the hardware, third party software, SQL databases, backup etc..) is the responsibility of the customer. Many customers choose to go with our SHIFA EMR solution as Ismile Technologies will manage these in our hosted environment for them.

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