SHENOY Medical Bill Review System 2.0

“If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts.” — Bill Gates

Overview of our Digital Cloud Solution Medical bill review systems:

Our Digital Cloud Solution Medical bill review systems ingests data from multiple sources, runs them against our automated rules engines, and gets validation by a professional claims administrator, professional vendor..Also reviews medical bills related to claims and audits the bills for accuracy, duplication of charges, and reasonableness. The costs for these services are allocated claim expenses, meaning they get charged directly to the claim file. This makes figuring out what you’re paying more difficult, as bill review charges tend to blend in with other expenses and bills.

The goal of our medical bill review systems are to maximize savings for employers by making sure they are paying only the appropriate medical fees of their injured workers. Effective, multi-faceted medical bill review systems has earned its place as vitally important in managed care strategies.

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