Security Crisis and Incident Response

Determining the adequacy of crisis & incident response techniques for multilevel security 

Succeed in your digital Transformation while meeting Cybersecurity Challenges

Today, no business is immune to a potential attack. The question is no longer whether your business will be the target of an attack, but rather when will the attack occur?

It is not sufficient to be prepared for the inevitable cyber incidents, to neutralize an isolated attack, prepare to react.

This demands the ability to intervene effectively and repeatedly to proactively plan, protect your systems and vital information assets vigorously, get ahead of the evolution of threats, and ensure that activities are fully recovered after the attacks.

iSmile Technologies' Security Crisis and Incident ResponseService?

Strategy -

Organizational strategy for cyber incident management, communication with senior management, as well as clients

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Operations Management -

Operational resilience with integrated business recovery and continuity processes and proactive communications during cyber incidents

Technology -

Technical incident response, digital investigation, analysis of malware, log analysis and support for IT operations

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Risk and conformity -

Management of risks and compliance, especially in relationships with regulators, legal counsel and law enforcement

How does iSmile Technologies Security Crisis and Incident Response Services work?

Reasons to choose iSmile Technologies Security Crisis and Incident Response Service

A better deal and response to what, where, how and how. Many questions are answered quickly to recognize the nature of the attack.

Minimizing the costs associated with data loss – time, resources and loss of customer trust.

Introducing an increased level of management and control to strengthen IT and business processes and thus be able to concentrate on your core value-generating operations.


Based on your organization’s assessments and diagnoses, your protection and your ability to supervise sensitive data, infrastructure criticism or any digital transformation, our specialists are ready to support your cybersecurity transformation and provide you with best solutions that fit your organizational needs.

Why iSmile Technologies?

Here at iSmile Technologies we know that threats and attacks on important data and sensitive information happen every single day. That is why we are here to offer unmatched services and support when the inevitable happens. We make sure we understand your needs and your company, then we lay out our detailed plan of action and execute with a zero-fault approach.

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