Security Controls and Technology Management

Secure your end-to-end technology journey! 

Succeed in your Digital Transformation while meeting Cybersecurity Challenges

Guarantee the security of your business in the digital age with end-to-end services based on advice, protection and security oversight. Our services cover critical areas of access and identity management, applications, terminals and infrastructure. We succeed in these areas by identifying desired system controls and then reviewing the existing controls by conducting an in-depth audit. After that we identify possible gaps for weaknesses or leakage. Once all is said and done, we create a comprehensive presentation of all that we have found and all that we can provide to rectify these potential issues.

iSmile Technologies' Security Controls and Technology Management Service


Monitoring the health and availability of security technologies, and notification of any problems.

bigData (2)

When requested, change management activities that are in compliance with agreed-upon policies.


2-Product and Security updates that also are applied as required to controlled security technologies.

IoTsolutions (1)

Securely configured, ready-to-manage technology

How does iSmile Technologies’s Security Controls and Technology Management Services work?

Reasons to choose iSmile Technologies Security Controls and Technology Management Services

Win the access to proven cybersecurity professionals motivated by knowledge and experience

 Improve visibility and quick detection of threats in your company

Increase the development of cybersecurity at every stage of your cyber conversion.

Cybersecurity is designed for specific business contexts and acts as a partner in your journey of cyber transition.

Are You Ready?

Based on your organization’s assessments and diagnoses, your protection and your ability to supervise sensitive data, infrastructure criticism or any digital transformation, our specialists are ready to support your cybersecurity transformation and provide you with best solutions that fit your organizational needs.

Why iSmile Technologies?

At iSmile Technologies, we understand that it is important to have the knowledge about all aspects of your business. One of the most important aspects is how your security is run and what it is setup to catch and find. We lay out a detailed plan and consult with you every step of the way staying as transparent as possible so that you can feel comfortable knowing what is happening. We make sure we understand your needs and then execute with a zero-fault approach.

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