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We’re excited about our new Sales Referral Program! iSmile Technologies referral program is designed to help towards our long-term growth by rewarding you when you refer a company and if they become a client. 

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Leads – Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) 

5 Points 

Sales Win 


Less than $50,000 (USD)  


$50,000 (USD) – $99,999 (USD)  


More than $1,00,000 (USD) 


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How does it work

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Go to the form above and refer your connection to iSmile Technologies.

Deal Status

For sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and Sales win we’ll share with you a deal registration link or update status weekly.

Earn Commission

Earn a share of the revenue and reward as mentioned in above table for every qualifying lead and sales win. Commission will be released as when we’ll receive payments from customer you refer.

Who Should I Refer?

Where to find a customer?

Terms & Conditions

  1. Anyone, who’s 18 years old (for U.S. based users) participate in iSmile Technologies Sales Referral Program and refer the leads. 
  2. Every single Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) will award 5 points of value $0.5. Reward will be given in form of Amazon gift card/coupon after and are subject to verification.  
  3. For each sales win commission will be released after 15 days once success payment done by customer for services selected from iSmile Technologies 
  4. iSmile may delay a Reward/Commission for the purposes of investigation. 
  5. Referrers cannot refer themselves or create multiple, fictitious or fake accounts with the Company. 

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