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Robotic Process Automation

RPA automates and streamlines repetitive, mundane tasks. The RPA implementation in any process doubles up the speed of the process and cut down on the costs incurred in manual labour. The robots are capable of any task be it data extraction, copying and deleting files, sorting out data, scanning the security architecture, image processing, web scrapping and many more. So, with the increasing demands of the businesss and increased need for accuracy and speed in the process, RPA is slowly becoming omnipresent in almost every industry. RPA allows 

  • Speeding up the time to market 
  • Lowering the cost of production 
  • Ensure better controls and quality checks
  • And more … 

Our Offerings

We use a suite of RPA technologies for RPA implementation, operation and scaling in business processes


It is a SAAS based Platform having conversational AI capabilities alongwith facilities for test automation and integration with enterprise products.

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is an RPA+AI platform which has a discovery bot, an IQ bot, RPA workspace and real time RPA analytics features.


It is an intelligent , no-code Robotic process automation platform that is provided with extended AI and cognitive capabilities.

Tensor Flow

It is an open source platform for machine learning and consists of libraries , tools and community resources to provide ML powered automation.


Keras is an API , written in python which runs on the ML platform Tensorflow. It helps in reducing the cognitive load of development.


Caffe is an open source, deep learning framework which has been designed for expression, speed, modularity and openness.

Why ISmile Technologies For RPA ?

ISmile Technologies uses the best suite of tools and technologies for RPA. We ensure complete scalability of the system, 100% accuracy of the processes, reduced data errors, workloads and investment in manual tasks. 

We have ensured excellence in all the RPA metrics for our clients be it 

  • Total automated process
  • Higher Accuracy
  • Higher Utilization
  • Higher Velocity
  • Higher Average automation uptime
  • Minimised business value lost in downtime
  • Real time tracking of break root causes
  • Minimum Break fix person hours and more

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