iSmile Technologies Harden Azure Cloud Security – 2 Week Implementation

Let our Cloud Security Experts help you harden your Cloud Security Framework to optimize Threat Prevention and provide resilience and compliance. Center for your Microsoft Azure systems. 

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iSmile Technologies Azure security experts address the challenges of rapidly changing workloads and increasingly sophisticated attacks by providing your organization with tools to strengthen security posture, protect against threats, and set up a secure hybrid landscape faster.

Key Solution Features:

  • Security Assessment and Recommendations 
  • Protect Hybrid cloud workloads 
  • Just in Time VM access, Hygiene 
  • Adaptive application controls 
  • Network Threat detection 
  • Compliance against regulatory requirements 
  • Deploy and configure on large-scale environments, using policies and automation


WEEK 1:  

  • Discovery session to understand and analyze the security posture of your current cloud infrastructure.  
  • Identify Security Gaps, Vulnerabilities and various attack vectors, including Ransomware  
  • Document and deliver Security Assessment reports.

WEEK 2:  

  • Identify and recommend the right solution for securing workloads on Azure based on the assessment report.  
  • Implement action plan to secure workloads  
  • Recommendations for continual improvement


  • Azure Infrastructure Security Assessment Reports.  
  • Recommendation Reports.  
  • Implementation Reports / Project Documents.

To enable the above key solution features, we must configure the Azure Security Center Standard version. iSmile Technologies Cloud Security experts have designed, configured, audited and managed Security for Enterprise clients across various industries. 

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