Integration of Azure Monitor with ServiceNow – Implementation

iSmile Technologies provides Integration of azure monitor with ServiceNow to connect Azure Monitor and ServiceNow for an improved end-to-end data flow at your organization.

With iSmile Technologies provides a wide array of actions, conditions, and transformations ready for you to set up and use, and you can also build your Integration from scratch. Creating and or updating ServiceNow alerts, binding them to a CI in the CMDB and performing an impact analysis to realize the impact on the monitored service 

This Integration improves end-to-end data exchange and helps your teams coordinate issues faster than ever before. This frees up time for other critical tasks and improves overall operational efficiency. Benefit from a seamless data flow between different teams, departments and business units (BUs) at your organization, with iSmile Technologies integration between Azure Monitor and ServiceNow.

This allows you to improve your performance, efficiency, and service availability and boost customer satisfaction effortlessly. 

Steps of Integration

Now coming to the steps for this Integration Setup, we divide the setup into two Parts – 

  • ServiceNow Setup Part – In this part, we will use a developer Instance of ServiceNow to find ServiceNow API Endpoints, Header content, Request Body, etc. We will use these details in our Azure Logic App.  
  • Azure LogicApp Creation Part – In this part, we will create our code logic (using LogicApp Designer) to integrate ServiceNow and call ServiceNow API through Logic App Connectors. We will discuss two different types of LogicApp connectors which can be used alternatively to Integrate Azure Alerts with ServiceNow.  

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