ExpressRoute – 5 Days Implementation

iSmile Technologies will partner with the in-region express route provider to deploy your express route rapidly to Microsoft Azure.

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Engage with iSmile Technologies Azure experts to establish the correct architecture for your express route needs. BUI guides you through understanding the pre-requisites, the process of choosing the correct express route provider, connection model, configuration, and design choices for a successful deployment. 

The target architecture will meet the requirements of the following agreed principles. 

  • No single point of failure should exist in the Azure ExpressRoute target architecture. 
  • Network traffic should be isolated and load-balanced when needed. 
  • Microsoft Best practices and reference architectures should consistently be implemented and adhered to.

This is a 1-week engagement, including a single location/subnet peering configuration. Additional location peering can be provided outside of this engagement. 

Plan of Action

Day 1: Discovery 
Engagement kick-off call and readiness assessment. 

Day 2-3: Design 
Multiple workshops with subject matter experts and service provider(s) to establish functional requirements and peering location constraints. 

Day 4: Deploy 
Build, deploy, configure, validate, and test the new express route connection. 

Day 5: Manage 
Enable monitoring, and complete operational handover sessions. 


  • Greenfields Express Route deployment. 
  • Pre-requisites will be validated, and any remediation falls outside of this engagement. 
  • A local express route provider and peering locations exist for the in-scope region. 

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