Data Modernization Platform – 8 Week Implementation

ISmile Technologies a preferred migration and partner of Microsoft Azure, delivering unified cloud-based data warehousing, data engineering, and advanced analytics via automated tools with unprecedented capabilities. 

iSmile Technologies provide digital onboarding consultations. We help you visualize your business goals, identify customer needs and create digital roadmaps for a successful transformation journey. 

Our solution covers the full cycle for data, starting with data modelling, data transformation, integration and migration, data quality, machine learning, data visualization (Power BI, SSRS) and finally, data warehouse. It leverages Azure data services, which are reliable and provide the user with many advanced features that will uplift your business. 

We help our customers modernize their data platforms. First, we identify the existing systems, data storage, architecture and structure, flows, integrations, and bottlenecks. Then, we advise our clients to start their journey by defining the new components and change management plan to enable them to achieve their final goal. It enables business users and decision-makers to visualize their data, enrich it, and fill gaps. 

Plan of Action

Migration Planning: Eagle, the migration planner, creates a meticulous well-planned strategy with optimized data model recommendations, which helps set up a successful foundation for migration within weeks. 

Migration Approach: Raven, the transformer, assists in automating and accelerating the translation of source workloads to target workloads. This approach for workload translation saves time and effort required. 

Confidence in Migration: Pelican, the monitor, validates data from source to destination accurately granular level with zero data movement. This automation in data validation ensures confidence in decommissioning of existing Legacy Warehouses. 


As part of the project, a comprehensive plan will be created, which will include: 

  • Assessment of current infrastructure, Architecture & Analysis 
  • Proposed Azure environment and topology 
  • Migration Strategy and Project Plan 
  • Effort Estimation 
  • Foundation Setup 
  • EDW Migration Planning 
  • Data Validation Reporting 
  • Production deployment Planning 

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