Cloud Strategy: Workshop 2-3 days

iSmile Technologies Cloud Strategy 1 day workshop covers the best practices, opportunities and challenges for migrating and operating on cloud. We employ use cases to demonstrate how to maximize your value from cloud and what technologies, tools and partnerships would best benefit you.

Workshop Activities

– Reviewing Corporate Objectives for Migration

  • Discussing the use cases for migrating to cloud
  • Discussing the cost implications of migrating to the cloud
  • Review of existent SLOs and SLAs (internal/external)
  • Review of existent processes and their performance in terms of latency, availability and throughput
  • Discussion of KPIs and SLIs used by the company
  • Discussion of pain points, challenges and the probable risk areas

– Assessing the Current State

  • Discuss and review the current infrastructure
  • Review the application stack
  • Review and discuss the Capex/Opex costs involved
  • Review and discuss the DevOps maturity level
  • Review the level of automation and tooling in the organization
  • Discuss the security posture of the organization
  • Discuss disaster recovery and business continuity capability of the organization
  • Review of the compliance and regulatory enforcement in the organization
  • Evaluate compute, storage capacity and constraints
  • Evaluate network topology and access methods
  • Review patch management, directory, IAM systems and authentication situation

– Future state analysis

  • Discuss storage and computing required
  • Discuss the cloud operating model to be employed
  • Discuss the desired level of automation and technological requirements
  • Discuss desired security and compliance objectives to be met

– Strategy

  • Discuss the cloud strategy roadmap
  • Discuss cloud migration and optimization strategy
  • Discuss frameworks, methodologies for modernization and cloud transformation

– Pre and Post Migration Costings

  • Discuss the best cost strategy for cloud adoption


Audience– CTOs, CIOs,  Directors

Duration– 7 hours per day

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