Cloud Foundation Buildup

iSmile Technologies cloud foundation approach is based on well tested cloud adoption and architecture framework. We define the landing zone alongwith the components to be built on the top of this zone. We create the network design, centralize identity and access management and optimise your cloud costs. Operational excellence is achieved through automation and standardisation done by us. Your foundation is built using a modular approach, helping in scaling when required

Cloud Foundation Workshop (Activities)

Our 8 days cloud foundation workshop activities include

Phase 1 (4 days)
– Briefing on best cloud governance practices and management
– Detailing out cloud connectivity plans
– Detailing out Identity and Access Management
– Detailing out Cloud Security and Monitoring
– Detailing out Cloud operations and Disaster recovery

Deliverables- Documented outcome of the workshop

Phase 2 (4 days)
– Establishing the virtual public cloud and network
– Establishing the cloud foundation base with infrastructure as a code approach
– Onboarding one Azure workload to cloud to generate proof of value
– Set-up of your entire Cloud foundation environment
– Detailing out user access and management best practices

Deliverables- Detailed report of Cloud onboarding and foundation build up

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