Azure VM Image Builder – 3 Day POC

ISmile Technologies can help organizations build automated pipelines to deliver standardized golden virtual machine (VM) images that allow organizations to migrate to the cloud and ensure consistency in their deployments. Images typically include predefined security, configuration settings, and necessary software.  


Integrate the image building process with your existing DevOps pipeline, Chocolatey and manage the images by connecting to Shared Image Gallery. iSmile Technologies will help ensure security, including patching, updating and full control of your custom images. We will Connect your existing virtual networks to access routable resources, servers, and services, including configuration servers like Chef, Puppet, and Desired State Configuration (DSC). We will also integrate with Shared Image Gallery to easily manage images and replicate them globally. 

iSmile Technologies can create new or migrate your existing image customization pipeline to Azure while continuing to use existing scripts, commands, and processes to customize images. Also we can integrate your core applications into a VM image so your VMs can take on workloads at once after creation,also for Azure Virtual Desktop or as VHDs for use in Azure Stack or for ease of exporting. 

iSmile Technologies can help you store resulting images hosted in the Azure Compute Gallery (formerly known as Shared Image Gallery), as a managed image or as a VHD.

Plan of Action

Step 1: Requirements gathering, agreement of definition of done, repo setup. 

Step 2: Cloning and customizing the application code 

Step 3: Setting up the automated pipeline  

Step 4: Validation by creating VM from image generated and test two versions


  • Automated CI/CD pipeline for generating custom windows or Linux Image and its integration with Shared Image Gallery  

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