Azure DevOps Quickstart: PoC

iSmiletechnologies’s DevOps quickstart service will quickly enable you to launch your 1st app running in Azure in few quick steps with detailed overview about different Azure DevOps modules/components

Assessment :

$ 500

This quickstart will help organizations understand core concepts of the Azure DevOps platform. Uncover how to streamline processes across the organization with Agile life cycle. Experience the rich automation that teams leverage so that they can focus more time on innovation. The DevOps quick start will make it easy to get started with Azure DevOps functionalities & also help you create your 1st project with a CI/CD based approach to automate infrastructure provisioning life cycle on Azure.

Intended Audience:
Developers, Infra admins, Security/Networking & project management personnels

Agenda will include the following key steps:

  1. Get started with Azure DevOps organization
  2. simplifying the user onboarding and account maintenance experience using Azure AD
  3. DevOps administrative activities such as Project & Organization Settings for licenses, service connections, build minutes, user & teams management
  4. Enabling source code version control and work tracking with Azure Repos and Boards (Epics, Features, User Stories, Tasks, etc.), dashboards, analytics
  5. Automation Basics by implementing an automated Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline with Azure Pipelines; Repositories (Git, TFSVC),Azure ARM Templates, Environments (DEV, TEST, PROD)
  6. Built-in Application Insights integration for instant analytics and actionable insights
  7. Integration with DevTest Labs to quicly provision development & test environments.

Key deliverables of DevOps quickstart:

  1. Cloud Architecture Documentation
  2. Azure DevOps Build & Deploy Pipelines-Deliverable Documentation & Roadmap
  3. better collaboration by hosting & managing the code centrally in Azure DevOps.
  4. Get into agile life cycle with Azure work items to manage your processes & systems
  5. With Azure no more being a closed source provider, get support for wide range of popular & open-source frameworks.

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