Azure API Management – 5 Days Proof of Concept

iSmile Technologies can enable an Azure API Management Gateway that enables customers to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs.

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Azure API Management as part of Azure Integration Service is a fully managed service that enables customers to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs. API Management handles tasks like mediating API calls, request authentication and authorization, rate limit and quota enforcement policies, request and response transformation, logging and tracing, and API version management. 

iSmile Technologies offer Automated Azure API Management using Terraform. We help our customers realise their API vision with full lifecycle API management capabilities on Azure API Management. A partner of choice in designing, building, securing and monetising APIs proxy for your organization, including exposing a self-service developer portal for instantaneous on-boarding.


Day 1: Discovery & Analysis 

  • Identifying the business requirements 
  • Set Up Azure with Optional Integration Services Environment (ISE) 
  • Set Up Dynamics Connectors 
  • Communicate Your Integration Plan 

Day 2: Design and Plan 

  • Design Integration APIs 
  • Create a targeted architecture with the help of Terraform modules in Azure DevOps.  

Day 3-4: Deployment 

  • Deploy CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps 
  • AzureRm Web App Deployment 
  • PowerShell task to parse the Swagger file 
  • Create/Update API 

Day 5: Demo & Walk-through of the approach 

  • API Management solution and integration processes demonstration 
  • Proof of Concept closure 
  • Planning of next steps. 

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