"Only in the last 10 years has global business become the benchmark for how you do business these days," says Hayes Roth,

Here is the list of products which are build by us for clients, and a lot more to come….

Products We Offer


Our goal as neuromarketing service provider is to set up an inter-disciplinary project that could serve the clients from all the industries in terms of their past, present, and future, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, behavioral studies, and neuroscience.

Our IOT Solutions

We have a decade of experience in implementing IOT solutions , starting with a train communications data solution for enabling machine to machine communication happen between locomotive and back offices, etc.. Most of our architects have an electronics background.

Asset Management System

Our Digital Asset Management system solves the challenges associated with managing software licenses held by users across an organization . It is available on Microsoft Azure with a blockchain backend that would provide immutable.

Barakah Remote Suite 2.0

Our Barakah Remote Suite 2.0 onboards your employees, contractors, contingent workers to work remotely or from office within a couple of hours and they can start contributing to your success within less than 48 hours.

Big Data

Big data is changing the way people within organizations work together. It is creating a culture in which business and IT leaders must join forces to realize value from all data. Insights from big data can enable all employees to make better decisions—deepening customer engagement.

Cloud Transformation

Your best-suited cloud partner for providing an array of top cloud-based solutions ranging from advising, managing and transforming to cloud services from leading vendors and technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP and many more.Cloud-based CMS solution for a healthcare.

COVID-19 Detecting Device

COVID-19 Detecting System is a device that uses the sensor to detect an early stage of the coronavirus. The device is designed for pharmacy stores at your nearest location. COVID-19 detecting system is using AI/ML models to analyze data and predict.

DevOps Transformation

Are you ready for your DevOps Transformation? Evolve with us with excellent automation and continuous delivery. iSmile Technologies brings to you the latest DevOps services to transform the pace of your enterprise and business applications. 

Digital Health Products

Our Digital HealthFitness solution helps our clients motivate their people to stay active, eat well and remain mentally strong and resilient. Enabled a scientifically validated solution that uses behavioral economics to support, guide and incentivize positive lifestyle behavior change, access to skilled Health Care.

Digital Transformation

iSmile Technologies Digital Transformation services provide your enterprise with the best digital solutions ranging from digital architecture to products and services. We cover all aspects of your digital transformation journey with actionable insights, improved customer data experience, conversational AI .

Electronic School Management System

Electronic School Management Systems are complete school management software designed to automate a school’s diverse operations from classes, exams to school events calendar. With a strong online community, Electronic School Management Systems can bring parents, teachers, and students on a common interactive platform. 

Healthcare Products

Ismile Technologies provides Innovative services and healthcare cloud solutions that gain efficiencies, optimize workflows, lower the costs associated with healthcare delivery and offer personalization in care plans to improve outcomes. We have extensive, deep healthcare domain expertise, including doctors and nurses on staff. 

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

One of the most vital elements of communication is Infrastructure Monitoring. It is the ultimate source key that an infrastructure manager co-relates to quantify the progress towards the organizational goals. Effective infrastructure monitoring is a key component to optimal infrastructure management.

IoT Solutions

To boost your operational efficiency and to transform your business model and customer experience into a competitive differentiator, we provide innovative IoT powered solutions to our clients since more than a decade. Our vast range of IoT implementations includes cloud-based IoT solutions, intelligent analytics platform, AI/ML integrated solutions and much more.  

Operational Data Services

Operational Data is simply the data generated within any kind of business process. The Operational Data Services lets your business data have an in-built decision system that can access your data directly from your huge database chunk and also follow transaction processing.Our leading team of Operational Data experts shares.

Security Monitoring and Management

iSmile Technologie we deliver the best, cost-effective and low maintenance security tools beneficial for your enterprise. We have Azure Security monitoring tool that allows you to gain insights across the security states of your hybrid clouds, reduce malware attacks and can respond to potential threats easily. 

SHENOY Medical Bill Review System 2.0

Our Digital Cloud Solution Medical bill review systems ingests data from multiple sources, runs them against our automated rules engines, and gets validation by a professional claims administrator, professional vendor..Also reviews medical bills related to claims and audits the bills for accuracy, duplication of charges, and reasonableness. 


SHIFA EMR is an Electronic Medical Records program designed for clinics. SHIFA is a client-server design that has 2 main components it needs in order to work: the database and the SHIFA application. The database needs to be set up on a single server computer within the clinic, which we will call the Database Server.Enhance efficiencies in community-based practices and allow staff .

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant is an intelligent chat bot solution that shall be designed to provide self- service support to the internal users with their day to day operational queries across towers, through natural, human-like conversations. VA can be embedded into the client front-end portal.The cloud solution can interface with Orchestration layer for all the backed system access.

Demand Forecast

Forecast is currently the crucial sign of survival and the language of business. For example, the house price model is based on a demand function for housing services and a standard life-cycle. Predicting the real estate according to seasonality and based on customer types, hence allowing more accurate pricing for houses allowing customer satisfaction.


Melanoma of the skin is one of the most commonly occurring cancer in men and women. Nearly 20 Americans die from melanoma every day. Countless people end up losing their energy, money and even their lives just because they were not able to detect and treat cancer on time.

Heath Care and Life Science Analytics

Health Care industry and its automation is one of the most prominent topics in the technology today. Our product will help reduce resources in the hospital and enhance the connection with the patient proactively. IOT modeling and automation.

Inventory Management

Restaurant inventory management involves keeping track of raw and processed goods to plan purchasing, understand food costs, use the raw materials based on freshness and avoid wastage. This can be a time-consuming and challenging task

Marketing Analytics

Predictive marketing analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that harnesses all that big data to predict future events or results. It integrates various techniques from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to process and analyze various data sets.

User Engagement (Modeling and Predicting)

A dating site has requested consultancy to analyze potential factors that would affect user engagement. We as a team have come up with an ensemble solution that would seek to address this issue. As part of this process we have developed the appropriate architectural diagram to support our solution. 

Ecommerce Bot

The vision of the product is to develop a chatbot to work as a CRM model which will be used by the client company to influence its potential customers into real customers. The goal of this project is to minimize the human intervention and develop the chatbot so accurate with the real world by building it with surplus amount of dialogues and intent so that it .

Predictive Analytics


the client is a mining company based in Canada that wants us to reduce the cost of transportation delay. Now this delay may come from basically two reasons: –

  • Automotive reasons, like the failure of the parts of the trucks that directly leads to the delay of the product.

Robotic Vision

The robotic vision is a product which helps to detect anomalies present inside the sewer-pipes. We use an autonomous robot which will move inside the sewer-pipes in place of a person to collect the data.The main objective is to reduce the cost required for the maintenance of sewer-pipes. Conventionally, the sewer-pipes are replaced three to five years.

About Us

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