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Melanoma of the skin is one of the most commonly occurring cancer in men and women. Nearly 20 Americans die from melanoma every day. Countless people end up losing their energy, money and even their lives just because they were not able to detect and treat cancer on time.

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What is MySkinDoc?

The product enables users to click and securely upload images- of growths, lumps or other irregularities that might be a symptom of Skin Cancer, to our website and find out whether it is cancerous. The user data will be kept completely confidential. The app will also require certain contextual input (symptoms, mood, etc) from the users to further enhance the accuracy of prediction. The data models used for prediction were trained on very vast datasets and classify the risk of having Skin Cancer as high, medium and low. After finding out the results, users can also find out about next steps to be taken.

What is our aim?

As Oncology service provider, our goal is to provide the users with convenient, cost-effective, confidential and reliable platform to check whether they have skin cancer.

Key Features of MySkinDoc


An accurate Machine Learning data model that was trained and tested on a dataset of 10k+ images that closely resemble the ones a user might take using their mobile phone.


MyJournal: This feature lets the users note down any change they experience in symptoms and health and tries to find a pattern.


Cognitive Check-ups: The users answer a series of questions which are proven to be key influential factors in predicting melanoma and this helps in giving an even more accurate probability to the user


Charts: All the trends and progress tracked though MyJournal and Cognitive Check-ups will be visualized for the user to help them make a decision.


The users can securely login and upload their data without worrying about privacy breach.


The website will be a very interactive one with videos, blogs, and discussion forums.

Daily Journal

Risk Predictor

Cognitive Checkup


Our GCP Architecture Diagram

Our ML Model workflow

Your Problems, Our Solutions

Difficult to Detect


MySkinDoc uses a trained Machine Learning Model along with cognitive check-up questions to help the users get an accurate prediction and thus, making melanomas easier to detect.

Time consuming diagnosis


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Expensive detection options


MySkinDoc lets the users find out risk of having skin cancer without the long bills and added stress.

Lack of Awareness


Through this service and its blogs and forums, the users can also find out reliable information and increase their awareness.

Lack of booking rules?


The conventional detection process can be very frustrating especially if it is for a minor scare. MySkinDoc is easy-to-use which prioritises user needs and experience.

Prediction Accuracy & Results

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