Cloud Managed Services

Imagine your view from the cloud with an omni channel presence, integrated across mediums.

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Our End-to-End Cloud Services

Cloud Managed Services

We determine the right migration strategy, undertake in-depth scanning of your infrastructure, map out dependencies, create the roadmap, identify the partnership ecosystems for smooth migration to cloud.

Cloud Management and Optimization

We help optimization of storage infrastructure on cloud for security, durability and attaining low latency of applications and system data. Without us, you can scale up your cloud storage multiple times in real time as business demand spikes.

Cloud Advisory Services

We optimize the cloud workloads, storage, costs so that you can manage performance issues in real time, efficiently allocate resources, mitigate the risks, assess and plan management of the cloud model and reduce the TCO.

Cloud Migration Services

Our customized and advanced security analytics and capabilities generates deeper security insights enabling you to identify threats proactively and quicker response to security incidents.

Cloud Security Services

Our cloud backup solutions helps you in real time recovery and easy access of data. Our backup solutions have military grade encryptions and virtual servers/containers to ensure high availability of data and minimum downtime.

Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Our Cloud Managed Services helps you leverage the benefits of automated workflows, advanced data intelligence, automated and in-depth reporting, flexible backups for real time recovery, global compliance and more.

Develop an actionable cloud strategy

Ensure your critical systems are always secure, available, and optimized.​

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About Us

iSmile Technologies is a global technology services company that helps businesses compete by adopting disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, cloud, databases, DevOps, and infrastructure management to advance innovation and increase agility. Focusing on building long term relationship with clients and view our self as a strategic extension to their organization by providing designing, implementing, and managing systems that directly contribute to revenue and business growth, iSmile Technologies has highly skilled technical teams works as an integrated extension of our client’s organizations to deliver solutions.

iSmile Technologies has partnering with best known public cloud vendors such as Microsoft AzureGoogle Cloud Platform ( GCP ), Amazon Web Service (AWS) to deliver end to end scalable and secure cloud services. 

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